How It Works

How do our auctions work?
At WinWinAuction, it's the lowest, unique bid that wins.

First, lets say we have 3 people who bid on 1 cent, 1 person who bids on 4 cents, 2 people who bid on 5 cents, and 1 person who bids on 6 cents. Now when the auction ends, we take away all the non-unique bids. We are left with 4 and 6 cents. Since 4 cents is lowest among all the unique bids - it wins!

In short, you must try to pinpoint which cent value you think no one else has already bid on, while keeping in mind that someone else could hold a unique cent value, or bid, below yours.

Each bid requires a small bidding fee starting at $1.00. A small bidding fee to get your product for just a fraction of it's retail price. Also, all auctions have a maximum number of bids, which are how many bids remain before it will close. Once the maximum amount of bids is reached, or the auctions hits its absolute end time, the auction is over and the user with the lowest unique bid wins!
How do I play?
  • Register for an account – new members can receive up to $3 free WinWin Dollars to get started!
  • Buy some bids
  • Find a product to bid on - all of our products are brand new factory sealed items.
  • Place your bid - we will immediately inform you whether it is the lowest unique bid. We'll also provide hints to help you find or keep the lowest unique bid. Continue to look at the auction status for hints.  
  • If you have the lowest unique bid when auction closes, you win!
What happens when I win?
  • In addition to the bids you placed, you also must pay the final auction price and any applicapable shipping and the brand new factory sealed product is yours!
  • Shipping is always fast and for most products free - we'll send your item out within 48 hours and will include a tracking number so you can keep tabs on your new item!
  • While every auction is different, typically our winners save 90% or more on retail.
What happens if I don't win?
  • Don’t worry, we will return back every dollar you used as reward credits.
  • You can redeem your reward credits in our exclusive reward store to buy exciting products for equal discount or contribute to your selected charity. You can also bid on our reward auctions to win gift cards, WinWin Dollar bid packages and much more.
  • You've got nothing to lose! Put your game face on and let's get yourself a deal!

How do the charities work and how can I contribute to them?

  • Here at WinWinAuction, we donate 10% of all our earnings to charity. In addition to this, each user is able to contribute at least 50% of their reward dollars and turn them into a 100% cash donation to there selected charity. This can all be done in our reward section. Please remember that you do not gain reward dollars unless you bid on an auction and end up not winning that particular auction. Also note that spent reward dollars can not be reimbursed in any way, unlike WinWin Dollars.

How is WinWin Auction Different From Everyone Else?

  • First of all, WinWin Auction contributes over 10% of our profits to various charities across the country. In addition to that, we give our users the option to donate some of their reward credits to the very same charity(ies). So not only are chairites gaining from us as a company, but also from you as the user. So remember: You Win, Charities Win, We All Win!
  • We actually ship your items to you in a timely manner and provide you with tracking information! How many of the other guys say they can do that? (All of our orders ship within 24 business hours and most arrive within 3-5 business days- or sooner)!
  • You do not have to wait hours upon hours for an auction to end. This is why we offer this style of a "penny auction" to you- where you can place your bid(s) and forget it! You can come back at your convience to see your current winner status or to place more bids to increase your winning chances. We will also keep you informed via email if you are a winner!
  • We have a very strict anti-shill bidding policy. WinWin Auction employees and their extended family are restricted from placing bids here on WinWin Auction. Anyone violating this policy results in termination from the company, as we take this very seriously. In addition, WinWin Auction never uses any "bots" or other false bidding tools on any of our auctions.
  • Finally, you get back every single bid you loose on ANY live (first round) auction, in the form of Reward credits. So no matter what happens with your bids in round one, you always will have a second chance for more exciting products found in our Reward section.








Customer Testimonials:

"Thanks WinWinAuction for the awesome gift card deal! Spending only 3 WinWin Dollars on a $15 Apple Gift card is the deal of decade! Will continue to find all my deals here! Thanks again."

-Robbie J. 

Cooperstown, NY

"I could not believe the deal I got on this site! I am so excited to get my iPod for under $50. I will definitely be back to bid again!"

-Lindsey M.

Jacksonville, FL