*The above current bidders list shows which bidder(s) have bid on a specified auction and at what times those bids were placed.


*The above window shows each auction's status, bid cost, and current winner. The auction status varies from "Bid More To See Current Status" "50% of Bids Remaining" "Closing Soon" and "Closing Very Soon." These are hints to the user as to how many bids are left before the auction will close. Keep in mind that in order for an auction to close, the auction must either receive the set maximum amount of bids needed to end or the absolute end time is reached (see below).

*The above window tells the user the absolute end time for the specified auction. The absolute end time is used only as a precaution so that an auction will never be open for more than a couple months. Keep in mind that this is rare and 99% of the time an auction will end normally due to it receiving the maximum set number of bids needed in order to close. When the set maximum amount of bids is reached, the auction will close and the ending lowest unique bidder WINS! Most auctions last no longer than a week and only a few will be forced to close early due to its absolute end time.