1. How Do Your Auctions Work?
A: At WinWinAuction.com, its the lowest unique bid that wins! This means that you must try to pinpoint which cent value you think no one else has already bid on, while keeping in mind that someone else could hold a unique cent value, or bid, below yours.

HINT: If you think another user has a unique bid below yours, it would be wise to bid down on a range of cent values, so that you will cancel out any lower unique bids other than your own.

2. When will I know when an auction is about to end?

     A. An auction will end either when the maximum amount of bids are received, or the absolute end time is reached. Our systems will give you hints as to how many bids are left before the auction can close.  Look for "auction status" on any auction item page for these hints. Keep in mind that the auction status hints will not be available until there are less than 50% of bids remaining.

3. Is it possible for an auction to not have any unique bids?

     A. No. An auctions maximum bid limit is set lower than the highest bid cent increment available to bid on. This means that if an auction has 1-100 cents available to bid on, the auction will automatically close when 99 bids or less are received.


2. Why am I bidding on cent values anyway?
A: You are bidding on cent values because we want you to win your item at the lowest price possible! If you pick your bid at $0.05 cents and win, you only pay $0.05 cents for your item! Keep in mind that we require you to buy (or receive free) bid credits in order to participate in our auctions. However buying some bid credits is only a small fee to winning a huge deal!

Why do your auctions bid costs vary?
A: Our bid costs will be lower for lower retail items and higher for higher retail items. We do this so that our users will not have to face an auction with hundreds upon hundreds of cent values to choose from. So if we are auctioning off a $10.00 Gift Card we will only charge you $1 WinWin Dollar and you will only have to choose from 10 different cent values. Now if we are auctioning off a $2,500.00 TV, then we will increase the bid cost to $10.00 to limit the amount of cent values you will have to choose from, while also increasing your chances of winning. We will occasionally list auctions with higher bid costs than normal so that a user will have, say, a 1:4 chance of winning. Keep a good look out for these types of auctions!

What do I Have to do if I win?
A: If you win an auction, you will be notified via e-mail. Please check your spam folder, as your email provider may mistake it for spam. In order to receive your won item, you must first pay for the price of your winning cent value and any applicable shipping charges. Once you pay for your won auction, our system will show your auction status as "complete" and you will receive your item within 3-5 business days.

5. Can I Track The Status of My Order?

     A: Yes, you may go to "My Account" -> "Won Auctions" and find the auction you would like to track. Under the "Delivery Status" column you will be able to see your items status. Once your item is shipped you will also be able to see your items parcel tracking number (if applicable). To help us improve our turnaround time, we would like to ask each user to login to their account and mark their item as "received" upon delivery.

6. Is/Are my payment(s) secure?
     A: Absolutely. Each payment is securely processed using PayPal servers and processors. PayPal is the worlds leading online payment provider and processor and will never store any credit card or customers information. If you feel more comfortable paying directly with your PayPal account, you may do so by choosing that option at checkout.

7. Are all of you products brand new items?
     A. Yes! We will never ever sell or auction off anything that is not sealed directly from the manufacturer. None of our items are factory reconditioned or used items. Everything that ships to you is brand new, never used, and sealed!

8. How Do Your Rewards and Reward Auctions Work?
     A. Our Reward Section is like a consolation round. For any live auction that you do not win, we take all your used WinWin Dollars for that auction and convert them over to Reward dollars. Only WinWin Dollars work on Live Auctions and only Reward Dollars work on Reward auctions. Our Reward Auctions are slightly inflated due to it being a consolation-type auction. This is also reflected in our bid cost and cent value range. Also included within our Reward Section are $0.01 cent charity auctions. These auctions only require 1 bid to be placed in order to win, along with a bid cost 50% higher than the items value. These 1 bid only, buy it now-type auctions, can apply to normal retail items as well.



If you have a question that we have failed to answer above, please use the contact us form and a site administrator will reply to your question within 24hours.